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Liquorice root is often used in conditions like spleen and stomach deficiencies, general weakness, palpitations, breath shortness, productive coughs, spasms in gastric and abdominal regions and limbs, running sores, abscess and poisoning

甘草大片(Licorice/Radix Glycyrrhiza)

SKU: 0201007041611
  • 用于心气虚,心悸怔忡,脉结代,以及脾胃气虚,倦怠乏力,痈疽疮疡、咽喉肿痛,气喘咳嗽,胃痛、腹痛及腓肠肌挛急疼痛,抗炎,抗过敏作用,能保护发炎的咽喉和气管粘膜,有助于平衡女性体内的激素含量,阻断致癌物诱发肿瘤生长。

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