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NHE is a Singapore enterprise which devote itself to providing herbs and herbal products of best quality to promote physical health worldwide. NHE manufacturers oriental herbs, nutritional supplements’ ingredients, bees products, tea products and other natural products. NHE has herb nurseries and wild collecting fields in all of the main herb producing countries. Strict standard is applied for cultivation and collecting procedures to ensure the excellent quality of our ingredients and products. Most of the NHE products are certified by ECOCERT. Following our enterprise’s spirit to bring natural products into our customers’ lives, we never provide genetically modified products.

By its insistence on High Standard Principle, NHE gains recognition and support from clients all over the world and builds fantastic long-standing partnerships. We provide Ginseng, lycium, codonopsis, licorice, Astragalus, Cordyceps sinensis and hundreds of products such as Chinese traditional medicine, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and tea with aforesaid ingredients. NHE guarantees its outstanding quality, price and services would be ideal of your choice.

We strongly believe that adopting healthy eating in our daily life with natural extracts can nourish our lives and therefore make us healthier. We plant, cultivate then provide these herbs which are very helpful to our physical health to customers in need all around the world. They’re used daily like meals and even more are manufactured into herbal medicine and nutritional supplements and so on. We can proudly claim that we protect our customers’ health.

Organic Herbal Tea series

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